Sponsorship Opportunities

David Tucker
Associate Publisher
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Jean A. Dellarobba
Senior Sales Account Executive
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Get One-On-One Face Time with Qualified Decision Makers
Tech Tactics in Education brings together IT and security decision-makers from K–12 and higher education institutions all across the country. This exciting three-day event delivers meaningful content by qualified speakers for your desired audience segment. Attendees not only come to the event for its education and networking opportunities, they also want to hear about innovative solutions that make their lives easier, and they demand credible and unbiased information to build, buy, and manage data and cybersecurity solutions at their institutions. This is a unique opportunity to get face time with the decision-makers and influencers you want (and need) to speak to.

Why Tech Tactics in Education: Our Event Mission
Tech Tactics in Education is a unique platform for reaching IT and security purchasing decision-makers in a nurturing environment that promotes professional development, networking, and knowledge sharing to help IT and security professionals excel by:

  • Cultivating a passionate professional learning community;
  • Linking professionals with industry experts and partners;
  • Encouraging the sharing of the most up-to-date industry best practices; and
  • Continually improving the conference experience

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By sponsoring Tech Tactics in Education, you will have the opportunity to enhance your branding and product positioning with some of the most influential buyers and influencers across K–12 and higher education. There are multiple sponsor packages available, or you can build your own program based on the individual opportunities. If you have unique needs or ideas, let us know and we will work with you to customize a program that meets your marketing and business needs.